LANAP treats bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath, reversing years of neglect

A. Perio Probe indicates excessive pocket depth/ bleeding.

B. Laser energy kills bacteria and diseased tissue.  (Dotted line shows gum tissue cut away with traditional surgery.)

C. Ultrasonic scaler and hand instruments are used to remove root tartar.

D. Laser finishes cleaning and decontamination of the pocket which aids in sealing the pocket closed so new germs cannot enter

E. Reattachment of connective tissue to the clean root surface, with a stable fibrin clot and gingival crest to create a closed system

F. Bite trauma is adjusted

G. New attachment is regenerated.  New bond and new ligament is formed and healing occurs.

Please do not use this as a substitute for formal LANAP training.  The actual procedure is more involved than pictured above.  Attempting to perform LANAP without proper training and the PerioLase Laser is dangerous and is not allowed without prior authorization from the patent holders. Only a dentist with the approval of the patent holder may claim to perform LANAP and advertise that they perform LANAP, per U.S. patent laws.

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